Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Cycle of Learning
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Cycle of Learning

Education for the whole child from start to finish.

Darlington students graduate with the confidence, connections, and compassion they need to succeed in college and their career, guiding them towards being meaningful contributors to the greater good throughout their life. Our Cycle of Learning begins and ends with Darlington's Portrait of a Graduate, taking into consideration even our youngest students.
The Portrait of a Graduate is what we aim for every Darlington student to become. When they leave our campus, we strive for each student to walk toward the world with wisdom, service and honor. We accomplish this through academic and extracurricular explorations personalized for each student, led by teachers and staff who are exceptionally accessible and encouraging.
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An emphasis on skills is important as we seek to develop each student's unique skills and personality, whether this be in classes, sports, clubs, service projects or any area of the school. Our curriculum serves as a roadmap for our teachers so they can teach in a meaningful way - knowing they are all working toward a common goal.
Teaching excellence is at the heart of our curriculum. This starts with the hiring process and continues with training, professional development, administrative support and academic resources.
At Darlington, students are never passive vessels to be filled with information. Active learning means that students know why they are learning what they are learning. It also means they spend significant time practicing and applying new skills that create solutions to real problems, and that they probably had some choice in identifying these problems.
Evidence of learning allows for reflection and processing of a lesson or project. If the Cycle has been successful, the threads of what the student has learned and The Portrait of a Graduate will be apparent.
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